HandLab is based in Pretoria, Johannesburg (Gauteng) and Durban, with a national representation of chirologists in South Africa, conducting professional chirology consultations (hand analysis) on individuals, families, corporate organisations, schools and children.

What is Chirology(hand analysis):
Chirology is based on scientifically proven principles in contrast to the ancient art of palmistry that constitutes hand palm reading and fortune telling. Psychologists, therapists, counselors, geneticists and neurologists are using the rapidly growing field of study of chirologydaily as an additional aid in theirpractices. Independent of client input or self-awareness, practitioners are relying on this immediately available information that comprises the complete emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the individual.

Chirology is applied in:

  • Career guidance - resulting in job satisfaction, climbing the corporate ladder or realizing an area of speciality.
  • Recruitment and staff placement - ensuring higher retention,ideal corporate environments and obtaining the correct person for a specific job.
  • Personality types - understand your unique design and that of peers and colleagues.
  • Relationship management - improving interaction with self and others resulting in balanced joyful interactions and higher productivity
  • Time reduction" - less unproductive time as the individual understands themselves and those around them.
  • Counselling - an essential tool in overcoming trauma such as divorce; death and unhealthy addictions.
  • Find your life purpose - as awareness increases so does the individuals higher purpose in life too.

Hand palm research:
For more than forty years data has been gathered from more than fifty thousand pairs of hands using current advances from sciences such as neuroscience and human psychology. This research has determined that the lines on the hand mirror and simulate the neural pathways of the brain. The Chirologist interprets and decodes this complex information, etched out on the hands, into uncomplicated and understandable language.It is no coincidence that, biologically, two parts of the body define the uniqueness of human beings - the human brain and the hand. Both express the difference between man and beast.

Hand prints:
Any of the above applications are initiated with prints taken of the client's hands as your hands and fingerprints hold maps of your individual design. It is not a cumbersome and time-consuming process as the actual analysis is done off-site after the handprints have been obtained.

Contact us today for a consultation or further information at info@handanalysis.co.za

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